Master's Thesis from the year 2011 in the subject Politics - International Politics - Topic: Development Politics, grade: none, , course: Post Graduate Diploma in Sustainable Community Development, language: English, abstract: The study sought to evaluate the role of men in HIV and AIDS management in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Zimbabwe, Harare, Mbare Congregation. in a society where men are seen as strong in terms of masculinity, gender and economical issues their role in mitigating against HIV and AIDS is questionable as in many cases they are viewed as the main drivers of the disease. Several governments, Non Governmental Organization and Faith Based Organization has made it clear of their commitment to towards the education, treatment and care and eradication of the pandemic. this also calls in the role of the church as an organization to determine what role does it play on mitigation.An analysis of data collected suggests that there is need for the church to engage its congregants to more information in HIV and AIDS awareness through its teachings. However there is need to train the pastors first before they are ordained and sent out to work with parishioners and congregants. The researcher recommended the introduction of training of pastors in HIV and AIDS issues and that man as decision makers should also be involved in caring, and all management and mitigation issues in relation to HIV and AIDS issues.

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