"On the night of February 10, 1943, at the moment I was born, my identity was sent into exile. At age 53 I learned for the first time what my mother had never before told me: I am Frank Sinatra's daughter."Julie SinatraImagine what you would do as this shocking news about who you are comes as the spotlights are rapidly fading from your legendary father's life-you have missed all of this man who has lived larger than life.Julie's story is both fascinating and compelling. Her desire to meet her father fuels her determination to out the facts surrounding her birth and establish her rights. She meets with resistance from Sinatra family members on all fronts. They work to block her efforts to meet her father and become legally recognized in the courts.As the outsider child longing to know the man behind the mystique, Julie provides a new provocative look at Frank Sinatra-their shared temperaments, philosophies and spirituality. Hers is a very moving and inspirational story about the unknown blue-eyed daughter's journey to her own identity . she had to find him to find her.

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